Cellaring & Service of Large Format Bottles

For optimal enjoyment of your large format bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, please follow these recommendations from Winemaker Steve Devitt.


Store your large format bottle on its side, in a cool, dark place. The temperature should remain consistent, ideally between 50°–55°F with sufficient humidity. Before opening, set the bottle upright for a couple of hours.


Once ready to open, insert the corkscrew directly through the wax seal and the cork. Pull the cork up to break the seal, and clear away any loose particles from around the mouth of the bottle before removing the cork entirely. Note: any tiny crystals found on the cork are naturally occurring, and will not affect the quality or flavor of the wine.


For vintages younger than ten years, allow the bottle to breathe for a couple of hours or gently decant it before serving. Pour slowly, leaving a small amount of wine in the bottle to retain any sediment. For bottles older than ten years, decant and enjoy just after opening. Cabernet Sauvignon is most expressive when served in large Bordeaux-style stems, ideally between 60°—65°F.

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